"I am the envy of other CEOs, our folks love Jesus and they love people. They are deeply committed and yet great fun to be around." - Dan Dupee, President & CEO of CCO

Dan leads a campus ministry which serves 104 colleges and universities. Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, CCO staff members minister to students who attend Butler University in Indianapolis, Princeton University in New Jersey, and more than 100 campuses in between.

Not only has the CCO been a certified Best Christian Workplace every year since 2002, they have also placed in the top 25% of similar missions and parachurch ministries each year as well. The CCO maintains high levels of employee engagement by encouraging staff to develop innovative strategies to transform college students to transform the world. Dan Dupee believes that measuring employee engagement each year keeps their leadership "close to the front line of our ministry."

"The CCO gets the important things right," writes one staff member. "The CCO plays on combining the strengths of its staff with the needs of individual campuses."

"The Best Christian Workplaces Institute has been a huge blessing to us," says CCO Executive Vice President Vince Burens. "Our leadership takes these surveys very seriously. We want to know what our staff think about our organization. We want to know where we need to grow, but also where we're succeeding."

Staff members cite the responsiveness of the leadership to felt needs as a strong motivator to continue working for the CCO.

One staff member writes, "We are given many opportunities to serve and lead. The leadership genuinely cares about the employees and we genuinely care about the leadership."

Adds another: "Everyone who is a part of the organization believes in its mission and wants to do their jobs well."