"I'm grateful for the dedicated team we have which has made this progress possible." - Tim Davis, ELIC's President

English Language Institute/China (ELIC), located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is one of the most improved organizations surveyed in BCWI's ten-year history. Over the past seven years, ELIC has shown continued improvement each year under the direction of their committed leadership team.

Discovery. Taking the first step to measure the health of the U.S. staff was significant. With real data to support the felt concerns throughout the organization, ELIC had a place to start. Senior leadership valued the feedback, and staff appreciated being given the opportunity to offer input and voice their opinions.

Collaboration. Following this first major step, executive leadership took these suggestions to heart and committed to improve communication by initiating regular meetings to build relationships, understand one another's work, glean information, and share ideas.

Results. This collaboration resulted in combining departmental resources to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. While opportunities to serve abroad have expanded and the number of overseas teachers has increased, ELIC's U.S. headquarters has been able to improve productivity while maintaining a reduced number of staff.

The focus of improving staff culture has enabled ELIC to sustain a high level of passion and commitment to its vision, mission, and purpose while directing efforts to build trust through intentional communication and innovation. ELIC has been able to execute on direction and strategies to consistently fulfill their mission, most notably during a challenging economy and relocation to Colorado.

Transformation comes in many ways, and ELIC wants to not only be sustainable, but to bring their testimony of unity, purpose, and hope to the many lives ELIC touches around the world.

Since 1981 ELIC has been training and placing dedicated, like-minded believers as educator across Asia, meeting an ever-growing demand for quality English instruction.